Brysen Mann

Author of The Xeno Manifesto Trilogy

Lisa Peters is dynamic, entertaining, professional and obviously dedicated. I am a big fan!

Ian Yeates

President Regina Philatelic Club

I have had interviews with Lisa for several years to promote the Regina Philatelic Club’s annual show and sale every January or February. She has always been well prepared, asks great questions, is engaged, interested and enthusiastic. It is always a pleasure to visit Access Communications for this particular interview and I look forward to the exchange.

Lore Ruschiensky

Lore Ruschiensky

Artistic and Executive Director / Cecilian Chamber Series

Lisa Peters is a personable and knowledgeable, interesting and interested in her guest and always well prepared.
All the best in following your dream!

Dwayne Snider

Owner | Operations | Install Technician of Advanced Energy

Lisa had myself on Talk of the Town, was a blast! Had fun with others being interviewed and the conversations was right on point of what we offer our customers in renewable energy systems. Lisa’s questions were intelligent and well articulated! Enjoyed the opportunity very much!

Kathryn Pollack

Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Energy and Resources

Lisa Peters is a very gifted interviewer. She has both a commanding presence and an ability to make one feel at home; not a typical combination! I really enjoyed the experience of being on her show and her skill of asking the important planned questions while also probing where and when it made sense.


Rod Donison

Over 100 leaders participated in a powerful LeaderImpact Forum this past week. Many thanks to all who attended including Mrs. Tami Wall, Minister Greg Ottenbreit (MLA), Mayor Michael Fougere, and Emcee Victor Thomas.

Our speaker, Lisa Peters was given a standing ovation after a fantastic presentation! Thank you Lisa for sharing from your heart; it was captivating to hear how you were literally left shaken while in South America and how hope has always pulled you through. You inspired us to turn our setbacks into comebacks and clearly expressed how the power of integrity and perseverance can propel us forward. We thank the Lord for how faith has led you to trust in Him knowing that He is always at work in your life.

Lisa K. Boehm

Author of Journey to Healing

Just a quick note to say Thank you for having me on your show. You, your crew and the set are very comfortable and inviting; it made the interview process very easy. I truly appreciate the fact that you read my book ahead of time, you really highlighted my book in an authentic and heartfelt manner.  Much Appreciated.  Lisa K. Boehm


Kelly Beattie

Engagement & Process Consultant at Beyond Connections Consulting

It has been my pleasure to work with Lisa in numerous capacities. She is poised, well versed, and highly engaging. Lisa creates a memorable and energetic experience, all while developing a connection with her audience and guests. Not only is she committed to those she works with, but she is dedicated to many important and purposeful causes. Lisa is an agent for change and a true difference maker.


Mary Robwoh

Owner, Reassurance Home Care Services

Thanks Lisa for such an amazing show. Your energy and passion for talk show is second to none. You are very supportive and lively. I am so glad I had the opportunity to be part of your show.

Andrew Gottselig

Founder & CEO of HoopLife

Lisa is one of the most genuine and thoughtful interviewers/host I’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing. She truly cares about the people she is interviewing and draws everyone else in to care as well. The connection she makes with the audience and who she is interviewing is truly amazing.


Linda Allen Hardisty

Linda Allen-Hardisty, B.Ed., M.Ed., PPCC, PCC

Chair T.E.C. (The Executive Committee) Ltd.

“Lisa has an ease about her when she interviews guests. As guest on her show, I felt not only well prepared but also I felt so comfortable throughout the group interview. Also, Lisa is a recognizable face in the community and always presents herself with approachability and professionalism anywhere she goes.”

Wendy Turner Larson

Wendy Turner-Larsen

Professional Coach, Speaker and Training Consultant

“I have had the privilege of watching many interviews conducted Lisa Peters over the past several years in addition to being interviewed by her on three different occasions. Two were five minute interviews about upcoming events and the third was a longer interview about fear of missing out. Lisa is a consummate Professional. She listens and knows what to ask to keep the interview on track and moving forward and she makes it look effortless. She exudes confidence but doesn’t steal the show. Her focus is always on the person being interviewed and the topic and communicates interest in both. While being interviewed by Lisa, she put me at ease and it felt like a conversation with a friend, so was comfortable and enjoyable. She is easy to work with and communicates exceedingly well. “

Michelle Sinclair

Michelle Sinclair

Certified Consulting Hypnotist/Author. Certified Hypnosis Solutions.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Lisa recently. The research she conducted before hand speaks to the absolute professionalism of Lisa as a whole. She is so prepared that the ease and flow of the conversation is seamless and apparent, not only to the one being interviewed but to those who tune in. Her kind and caring yet professional nature put me immediately at ease despite never having been interviewed before on TV. It was as if there were no cameras and it was just the two of us having a relaxed and fun conversation. Lisa has a talent that is undeniable and she makes what she does look easy. Thank you Lisa!

Al Fitzpatrick

Regina Jazz Society

Lisa Peter has fascinated me from the very time a met her at a fancy Christmas party. Everyone was dress to the nines but, even in this circumstance, she radiated an elevated sense of elegance  and glamour.
I have been a guest in her Talk of the Town TV show many times since and have always been impressed with her ability to connect with each guest; providing a safe and encouraging platform on which to share their wide variety of messages. I have witnessed with wonder and admiration as a very talented young woman has transformed herself into a unique professional. She is focused, does her research, is genuinely interested and attentive to each and every guest ensuring each interview is a work to be proud of. I am delighted to recommend her and wish every success.